Our mission, plain and simple, is to build the tools and provide the data necessary for our publishers to make more money on their traffic.

We're serious about improving performance marketing.

Prosperent was started because we were you. Affiliate marketers ourselves for over a decade, we've seen the persistent problems and wanted to fix them. Data feeds were terrible, inconsistent and difficult to parse. There was no way to query against the mounds data. Big merchants were impossible to get access to. There was little to no ad technology tied to the feeds. The process was difficult, time consuming and produced marginal results. We had to do something. Since 2009 we've been solving these problems and more day in and day out.

Performance marketing can be a big win for everyone. Brands get free exposure and only pay for sales. Publishers and developers get paid handsomely for traffic that converts. Our goal is to ensure that everyone benefits from this collaborative relationship. We want affiliate marketing to regularly be part of advertiser's budgets. We've built the tools to make the process more profitable for all parties.

Make no mistake- we're on your side. We're your agent, your IT department, your help desk, your advocate. And we'll always strive to make you more money.

The People that Power Prosperent

Brian Lovett

Co-Founder, CEO

Mike Christensen

Co-Founder, President

Andrew Keller

Co-Founder, CTO

Scott Jangro

Chief Customer Officer

Brandon Freitag

Application Developer

Alice Dinatale

Data Engineer