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Operating Name: Prosperent

Legal Name: Prosperent, Inc.

3200 Brighton Blvd, Suite 112
Denver, CO 80216, USA

Pronounciation: pross•per•uhnt

To put it simply, say the word "prosper" followed by "ent".

Tagline: "Helping you earn more on you content and traffic so you can focus on your site"

25 Word Description: Prosperent's mission is to help publishers make more money from their online traffic with a myriad of affiliate tools, dynamic ads and consumer purchasing data.

50 Word Description: Prosperent is both a product and a service designed to help publishers make more money on their traffic. With dynamic ads, an API for advanced developers, consumer trend data, CMS plugins for wordpress, vbulletin and more, publishers can worry less about how to monetize their content, and focus on creating content.

Quick Facts:

  • Prosperent was founded in 2009, with an official launch date of November 21, 2009
  • 28,000+ publishers have joined Prosperent since its launch
  • We are currently serving 8 billion+ ad impressions and requests per month
  • Notable merchants and advertisers include Nordstrom, Zappos, 6pm, Kohl's, Walmart, Overstock and Best Buy.

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