Endpoint URL:
HTTP Method: GET or POST

Request Parameters
Parameter Name Required Data Type Format/Values (Default in bold) Description
filterBrand No string pipe seperated values Filter brands by their names.
sortBy No array • brand Sort results by the sort method in either ascending or descending order.

Append either of the following to change the sort direction:
• desc
limit No integer 10 Amount of results you want to receive from the API call.
page No integer 1 Enter a page number to get the next set of results.
imageSize No string • 60x30
• 120x60
Size of the brand's logo to be returned.
imageMaskDomain No string Allows you to make your images URLs appear as though they are coming from your own domain instead of Prosperent. Requires a CNAME entry at your DNS Provider. Start this field with http:// or https:// DNS must be through CloudFlare.
Response Fields
Field Name Data Type Format Description
errors array Will show any errors that may have occured, otherwise it will be empty.
warnings array Will show any warnings that may have occured, otherwise it will be empty.
data array Displays the brand data.
brand string The brand's name.
logoUrl string The URL for the brand's logo.
page integer 0 The page number of the result set.
limit integer 0 The limit you have set.
totalRecords integer 0 Total records for the page of results.
totalRecordsAvailable integer 0 Total brands available to you for one search.
totalRecordsFound integer 0 Total brands available that match your filters.
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