Content Analyzer

Endpoint URL:
HTTP Method: GET or POST

Prosperent javascript code must be added to the page for any data to be retrieved by this endpoint. If your page is not currently including prosperent.js, copy the following code and paste it to the html of your page. Once the above javascript is included on your page, on first access our page analyzer will analyze your content and store relevant phrases. You may then access these phrases by sending over the page url to the api endpoint.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Request Parameters
Parameter Name Required Data Type Format/Values (Default in bold) Description
api_key Yes string Key that authorizes access to the data. Log in to view yours.
url Yes string The url of the page to analyze content.
Response Fields
Field Name Data Type Format Description
errors array Will show any errors that may have occured, otherwise it will be empty.
warnings array Will show any warnings that may have occured, otherwise it will be empty.
data array Displays the content data.
phrase string Phrase matched from content of the page.
page integer 0 The page number of the result set.
limit integer 0 The limit you have set.
totalRecords integer 0 Total records for the page of results.
totalRecordsAvailable integer 0 Total merchants available to you for one search.
totalRecordsFound integer 0 Total merchants available that match your filters.