Query for Products, Coupons, Commissions, Trends, Celebrities and much more.

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JSON or JSONP Response

Our limitless API returns a JSON or JSONP response giving you unlimited flexibility for any application. It's also fast with most queries completed in under 200ms.

Innumerable Applications

Use our API for shopping comparison sites, product review portals, mobile apps, web apps, rewards programs, and more. We've had many interesting, custom ideas thrown our way, and we're happy to help see if Prosperent is a good fit for your project.

Clean Data

Do you hate when your data feeds have excess characters? So do we. Clean data goes a long way in creating content that is visually appealing. All our data feeds are scrubbed and converted to standard ASCII before it's sent to your site.

Scalable Server Architecture

We've gone to great lengths to ensure our server infrastructure is completely scalable and have identified many bottlenecks over the past few years. Are you a server nerd? So are we! Come talk to us! Rest assured, if you're planning on developing an application with large volume in mind, we can handle it.


Our growing list of API endpoints provides you access to the data you need now.


Over 50 million merchant products with varying image sizes, keywords, descriptions, price data (including sales), brands, UPC and ISBN codes, and more are catalogued in our database.


Convert direct-to-merchant or ordinary links into affiliated links.


Designed to help you show more merchant data, this endpoint returns the merchant name, logo and minimum and maximum commissions in each aggregate. You can search for a specific store or return a list of all participating merchants.


Curious what's going on in the entire Prosperent network? Query the trends endpoint to find the answer to questions like: what is the most popular category or product? What regions purchase the most? Are there seasonal trends I should be ready for?


Once you've earned commissions with us, you can always run queries against or export your data, and access comprehensive reporting in order to optimize for success.


Once you have clicks coming through, you will have access to all the data about those clicks. Use the click data to help optimize your campaigns.


Once you've been paid, you can pull back data on your payment history.

Dozens of Libraries and Code Examples

Our growing list of case studies, code examples, and resources are designed to jumpstart your project. Follow the code examples on our forum for more information on how to get going.